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Here is an interactive map to show you briefly the most significant places of the Sanctuary (Click on the red dots)

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Interactive map
2 - Chapel of Blessings1 - Basilica3 - The crib and Missionary Exhibition4 - Confessions5 - Souvenir shop6 - Botanical garden7 - The Seminary8 - Panoramic terrace9 - Teresian Room10 - Restaurant Bar and Pic-Nic Park11 - Parking12 - Tower of the Saracens

2 - Chapel of Blessings

A place of prayer where pilgrims and visitors can ask for God’s Blessing for themselves, for their families, and on the objects of devotion or use they wish to bless.
It is also a place of information about the Infant Jesus of Prague, the Shrine, as well as the communities of the Discalced Carmelite Friars and the sisters of the Teresian Carmelite Union.

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1 - Basilica

A virtual tour of the Sanctuary is available that will allow you to make a guided tour from your home...

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3 - The crib and Missionary Exhibition

Set up in neighboring areas, as well as for adults, they are an attraction for your children: take them to visit them!

The Nativity

The Missionary Exhibition

4 - Confessions

Inside the Basilica, in the transept to the sea, there is the space dedicated to confessions. To this service the Carmelite Fathers devote attention, ensuring their daily presence during the opening hours of the Shrine. Upon request and by appointment they also carry out the precious ministry of the Spiritual Direction, for which they have specific preparation.

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5 - Souvenir shop

Next to the Basilica there is a rich store of souvenirs and devotional items to more keenly preserve the memory of your visit. Many of them are also available in our e-shop.

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6 - Botanical garden

Behind the Sanctuary you can admire a characteristic and rich exposure of succulents. Access is via a staircase on the left side of the Sanctuary. The exhibition is always open also during lunch time ...

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7 - The Seminary

Adjacent to the Convent we find the minor Seminary that was built in 1950 at the behest of the then Father Provincial, Father Anastasio of SS. Rosario (Ballestrero) then Archbishop of Bari and Turin and Cardinal. It was solemnly inaugurated in 1951. It can be accessed through the rich succulent nursery and one of the interior corridors.

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8 - Panoramic terrace

A beautiful view from our terrace will allow you to contemplate the Ligurian Gulf

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9 - Teresian Room

A large hall called "Teresiana" in honor of St. Theresa was for years the seat of the cultural activities of the Sanctuary.
Since 2000 the hall has had a multipurpose use: used as a chapel for prayer and celebration of Mass in various languages, or simply used as a meeting room for large groups.

10 - Restaurant Bar and Pic-Nic Park

Large spaces and services for the catering of pilgrims, small and large groups...

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11 - Parking

Two car parks able to meet all the needs, both individual, small or large groups arriving by bus are available for our visitors at a reasonable price.

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12 - Tower of the Saracens

On the left side of the Sanctuary stands a green hill with a paved road that, with its hairpin bends, runs entirely. This space, owned by us, is often reason for reflection to realize a natural path...

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