Vigil of the Solemnity of the Infant Jesus

Sanctuary open all day and night

7.30 am: Morning praises

8.00 am: H. Mass

9.30 am: H. Mass

10.00 am: The statue of the Infant Jesus is carried in the square of the Sanctuary for the prayer of the meditated Chaplet.

11.30 am: H. Mass

4.30 pm: Anointing of the faithful with the blessed oil of the Infant Jesus

5.00 pm: H. Mass

5.45 pm: Blessing of the children and families on the square of Basilica

8.30 pm: Procession with the statue of the Infant Jesus through the city streets with stops at the Molo di Gesù Bambino and the parish church.

10.00 pm: Prayer vigil until 4.00am

4.00 am: H. Mass