Devotion to Infant Jesus

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The Pious Union of the Infant Jesus

The Pious Union of Infant Jesus, which now has countless members all over the world, was established at the Shrine of Arenzano in 1903 by decree of Bishop Edward Pulciano, Archbishop of Genoa, and it was enriched by several Popes with special indulgences.

The purpose is to promote worship to the Infant Jesus and to put under special protection for the members, and especially for the children. In this spiritual union, the faithful and devotees of the Infant Jesus commit themselves to praying daily and to live according to the virtues of spiritual infancy: He never fails to bless everyone with his graces.

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The Safeguard Medal

Among the various medals depicting the Infant Jesus, the most significant is the “Safeguard Medal”. Approved by Pope St. Pius X in 1909, it is brought as a sign of trust and protection. It depicts, along with the image of Infant Jesus, the cross, symbol of our salvation, and some evangelical words and invocations, including the principal being the name of Jesus.

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The Chaplet Prayer to Divine infant Jesus

It is a small rosary crown made up of twelve beads, more than three introductory, widespread from the second century. XVII by the venerable Margaret of the Holy Sacred Sacrament, the Discalced Carmelite Sisters of Beaune (France) and the great apostle of the cult of the Infant Jesus. Once he appeared to her, he showed this small rosary shining with light, saying: “Spread this devotion among the faithful and reassure me that I will give you special Graces, especially innocence and purity, to those who will devotely wear this little rosary and will recite it with the intention of honoring the Mysteries of my Divine Childhood”. Like the traditional rosary, this Chaplet also helps us “to contemplate with Mary the Face of Christ”.

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The Blessed Oil Lamp of Infant Jesus

The blessed oil of the Infant Jesus is in use at the Shrine of Arenzano, since its foundation (1904-1908). It is an olive oil, blessed in the solemn celebration of the 25th of each month. It is also called “lamp oil” because a part of it nourishes the flame that burns incessantly on the presbytery of the Shrine, in front of the image of the Infant Jesus. You can receive this anointing oil from the Shrine or request it for personal use. It is a sacramental purpose to increasing trust towards the Lord, to whom we entrust our own and others physical or spiritual sufferings to seek for healing.

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Prayer to Infant Jesus

The faithful has always sought forms of prayer and intercession to praise the Lord and ask him some favor. Among the many forms some of the best one are the Triduums (prayers recited for three consecutive days) and Novena (for nine consecutive days). Also, for the devotion to Infant Jesus, there are some useful texts for prayer; here we have very few, while it is possible to request the complete collection.

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Hymns and Songs to the Child Jesus

Here are the texts of some hymns and songs to the Child Jesus. Some were composed for the occasion of the Centenary of the Sanctuary in 1908.

They are traditional songs that we often sing in our Basilica.

The first was born with the inauguration of the Sanctuary.

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Liturgy of the Infant Jesus

The most significant moment to celebrate, invoke and praise Jesus Christ is undoubtedly the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours, liturgical moments that base the life of the Church and the people of God.

The veneration of the Infant Jesus has its own to celebrate the Eucharist and the Liturgy of the Hours.

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