The Safeguard Medal

Jesus himself teaches us to invoke his name in order to obtain what we ask (Jn 14,13; 15,16; 16,23); in his name the Apostles cast out the demons (Lk 10,17; Mk 16,17; At 16,16) and healed the sick (At 3,6: 9,34).

The “safeguard medal” is an effective aid to keep us in the presence of Jesus and to have him always with us as a defender of the devil’s pitfalls, seeking to harm both the soul and the body. It revives our faith in Jesus, in His Incarnation and Infancy, in His Redemptive Cross, in His name – the only one we are saved (Acts 4:12) – in his power and in his love that always protect us.

Explanation of the Writings:

  • On the front,  next to  the name of Jesus, are engraved some initials: “RSE” (Rex sum ego – I am the king), “ART” (Adveniat regnum tuum – Come your kingdom), “VRS” (Vade retro, Satana – Go out, Satan).
  • On the back there is still the name of Jesus: “JHS” (Jesus hòminum Salvàtor – Jesus Savior of men), with around two letters: “Verbum caro factum est” (The Word became flesh), “Vincit, regnat, imperat. Nos ab omni malo defendat “(Triumph, Reign, Dominate, from every evil defend us).

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