Infant Jesus in the World

Places in the world where the cult of the Infant Jesus is present
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Like two thousand years ago, Jesus wants to reach every heart, home, and community. He does this mainly with the gift of the Eucharist, his Word, and every brother or sister who lives alongside us. However, there is a sensible presence that, while remaining a ‘medium’, is highly appreciated and fruitful for the encounter with the Lord: the statue of the Infant Jesus, of which we have already spoken.

Through this effigy, Jesus not only awaits you here at the Sanctuary of Arenzano, but in his great desire to reach you, he becomes “available” to come to you through the beautiful and appreciated initiative of Jesus Christ “Pilgrim”.

These are some copies of the original image of the Shrine that we make available to the communities or families that require it. The usual period is about one month; whoever asks for it, usually commits to take and bring the statue back to Arenzano. The Friars, as far as possible, are willing to animate a day with the guidance of prayer, catechesis, and confessions.

In recent months, Jesus Christ “pilgrim” has been to: Rimini, Castana (PV), San Salvatore Monferrato (AL), Sicily, Turin.

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