Make a mass celebration

If you would like to celebrate a Mass for special intentions, we kindly ask you to make your request through one of the pre-arranged forms, so as to enable us to receive your request.

Fill out one of the following forms depending on whether you want and you can make a payment  or not and depending on the payment channel you prefer:

Online donation with PayPal/Credit Card

By completing this form you will be able to make your request to celebrate a Mass at the time of your donation through PayPal to which you will be forwarded; you can also use your credit or prepaid card without having to have an account on PayPal . We recommend a donation of at least € 10.00. Thank you.


After clicking on the SEND button, we will receive your request and you will be transferred to PayPal where you can enter the total amount of your donation in Euros. Use the dot to separate the cents instead of the comma.
Example: for € 50.35 write € 50.35

The number of the quantity (1) alongside what you want to donate,

it is not the number of Masses you want to celebrate (indicated by you in the form), but only indicates that it is a single payment, whatever the number of Masses you requested with this form.

Fill in the form:

    Fields marked with * are mandatory

    Enter the required number of Masses (1 or more than 1)

    Intention for which you request a Mass: *

    If there are more than one intentions, separate them with a comma

    If there are more than one beneficiary, separate their names with a comma



    Donation with Bank transfer

    Using this form you will be able to make your request for a Mass celebration and you will receive your coordinates to your email address to make your donation by bank transfer.

      Fields marked with * are mandatory

      Intention for which you request a Mass:*

      Enter your donation details below

      Pouring channel: Bank transfer

      You will receive by e-mail the data to make the transfer

      Optional donation by e-mail

      After submitting this form, remember to check your mailbox: you will receive a copy of your message and if you have made it available for a donation, the coordinates to do so with your chosen channel.

        Fields marked with * are mandatory

        Intention for which you request a Mass: *

        Insert the data related to the possible donation below

        Will you offer a donation?*

        If Yes, with which payment channel?

        If you have asked to make the donation with PayPal, you will receive an e-mail with the possibility of making the payment with PayPal / Credit Cards for the amount indicated by you, or you can do it directly from this site on the page GIVE and using the Donation for the Sanctuary form: in this case, use the same data used in the booking form to identify yourself.

        If you have indicated a system that is not online, you will receive the bank account details.

        For donations to other projects, visit the GIVE page.

        Thank You!

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