Path Tips

Dear friends,

we are happy to welcome you, to Arenzano, in our Shrine and Seminary of the Infant Jesus in Prague!

Before coming and booking a group visit, read our tips on what to see depending on the type of group or group:

Are you an orator?

Many speakers refer to our sanctuary both as a spiritual place and for the opportunities offered by space, accessibility and opportunities. If you want to experience this experience, we invite you and we look forward to welcoming you!


What do you recommend?:

in the morning:


  • play on the square or in the football ground of the Seminary.

If you have sufficient time join with:

Are you from a school?

Many schools arrange an educational trip to Liguria (Aquarium of Genoa, “Muvita” of Arenzano, Toirano Caves, etc.) with a visit to our Shrine.

Some proposals:

After doing your school activities in the morning, it is convenient to take the lunch in the equipped area and take a good guided tour of the Shrine, the Crib and the Garden with games offered by Fr. Andrea

Time spent on: 1 hour.

Also recommended for schools with teenagers who do not make religion.

Some schools, especially Catholic students, you can attend the Holy Mass in the morning, then, join the visit of the Municipal Park of Arenzano.

Are you a mixed parish group of young people and adults?

With the spaces and its opportunities, our Shrine is an excellent point of reference for parish groups where there are people of all ages, united by faith in Jesus. If you like to live a beautiful and strong moment around Jesus Christ, we are waiting for you!


A concrete proposal:

  • Arrival mid-morning: guided tour of about 1 hour possibility to attend the Holy Mass at 11 am and confess.
  • Lunch at the ‘Self Pilgrim‘ or packed lunch.
  • Early afternoon: Leisure time dedicated to personal prayer in the Basilica, and also watch the Basilica carefully and do the shopping; or you can take a walk in the town or Municipal Park along the sea.

P.S. Fathers are available for a guided tour, for the Holy Mass and for the confessions, according to your convenience, you can do your accommodation in Arenzano.

Are you a choir?

Our Shrine on public holidays usually sees the presence of the boys of the Seminary for the animation of the song during the celebration of Holy Mass at 10. am, while the “Schola Cantorum” deals with Holy Mass at 11. am.

If you are a good singer, you are pleased to have a nice visit to our Shrine, without giving up your precious animation service, we are waiting to sing to one of the celebrations listed on the Schedule page. By first booking, you will also have the opportunity to have a good guided tour of the Shrine and its realities.

Are you a group of walkers for pleasure?

The town of Arenzano is distinguished by the wide possibility of suggestive walks both along the sea and the mountains; so many groups choose it for their spring and summer trips, just think of the international “Sea and Mountains” event in the second weekend of September.

Usually, these groups arrive early in the morning, take their walk and return from Infant Jesus for a quick visit or a prayer. The choice of the Shrine, in fact, make it easy both for the convenience of parking and the strategic starting point of numerous hiking trails.

Are you a group of senior citizens?

The Shrine of the Infant Jesus welcomes everyone without age limits, and also offers to you all its possibilities with joy: starting from the celebration of Holy Mass and the Confessions up to a nice visit of the whole complex, without any hurry!

Despite the inconvenience of some steps, with a little more patience and goodwill, you can also visit the nativity scene and the garden of Succulents. So we are waiting for you.

Are you a group of disabled people?

The Shrine is almost completely equipped to remedy the motor disability. The person in the wheelchair can comfortably access the Basilica, the Chapel of the Blessings and the shop.

With a little, more patience you can also access the crib and the area equipped for catering, going from below near the large staircase that leads to the square.

Therefore, Infant Jesus is eager to meet you and awaits for you!

Are you looking for a place to organize a conference?

The position of the Shrine of the Infant Jesus is central to all of Liguria and Lower Piedmont. Associations, Groups and agencies choose Arenzano to spend a day of cultural formation or just to live together some moments of fraternity and exchange. Our Shrine provides for this purpose 3 halls with 20 seats, 100 seats and 200 seats. The latter equipped with a video projector. You will be able to live your moment of enjoyment and take advantage of the beautiful setting of the Shrine to arrange the Holy Mass or a guided tour.

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