The apse and the choir

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Looking up, we are attracted to the magnificent fresco covering the entire apse. The artist Renzo Bonfiglio of Vado Ligure completed this work in1965. They show humanity with all its needs, kneeling before the Infant Jesus. Among the crowd, the figures of Pope St. John XXIII, the well-known Christian Philanthropist Dr. A. Schweitzer, director and actor G. Cervi, the artist himself and the religious among Tarcisio, who went so far to the Shrine.

Below the fresco opens a matroneum that houses two of the bodies of pipes of our organ (the third is instead placed inside the throne of Infant Jesus). Following the recent restoration has been installed two new wings of outer canes that decorate the matroneum and they crown the throne itself.

Even below, hidden from the presbytery, is the choir that with its simple but solemn wooden structure has welcomed the religious community for many years for prayer. The console has three keyboards, with two ranges of pipes. The first in the semi-circular gallery and the second is behind the throne. Recently cleaned, restored and ordered in its records  by Marin Company: currently has a total of 2,803 reeds.

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