The Bell Tower

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At the end of the north transept you will see the majestic belfry, 43 meters high, one of the new works of the Basilica. It completed in 1965, in a modern style. It has 12 bells from the Picasso company, of which four are fixed and eight can rotate. The number of bells are remind us to the 12 years of the Infancy of Jesus  and every bell as tradition calls, has a name to which it is dedicated: the biggest of the Infant Jesus (on the side of the square) is a flat and weighs 2,300kg; Then they follow, in order of increasing, the Mother of Mount Carmel, St. Joseph, St. Teresa of Jesus, Prophet Elijah, St. John of the Cross, St. Pius X, St. Therese of Infant Jesus, St. Albert, Bl. Dionysius and Redent, St. Theresa Margaret Redi, and finally the Guardian Angels (140kg). The whole concert has a weight of about 88 quintals.

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