The Presbytery and the throne of the Infant Jesus

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From the center of the church we can see the presbyterian -throne-apse.

The new presbytery, rebuilt in 1991, was entirely made of pink marble of Portugal and Red of France, embedded in a large semi-circular pedestal. The altar recovers the artistic pale of the previous one, with four bronze statues depicting (from left to right) St. Elia, St. Theresa of Jesus, St. John of the Cross and St. Albert of Jerusalem; Among the sculptures there are three silver bas-reliefs work of Chiaravalli and Scalaffa of Milan depicting the blessing of the crown by Pope Pius XI  (left), the Risen Lord (in the center) and the coronation of the statue (to the right).Inside the altar, apart from the relics, there are stones from Bethlehem and Nazareth. The pulpit made in simple and geometric shapes, contains the forms of the four evangelists, taken from the decorations of the ancient altar. The tabernacle of cylindrical shape is placed in a semi-circular vertical niche and was made of gilded bronze with the symbol of the “Chrism” carved on the door. The Sanctuary Lamp fueled by blessed oil, is placed on a circular pedestal leaning on a pillar of the presbytery.

Behind the altar stands he throne of Infant Jesus, it is the notable work of the architect Ferrari of Genoa. It is a monumental work of great value. There are two statues of angels, unworthy to pray, made by marble. There are 12 alabaster columns that support the golden dome and the ten steps leading to the central point of the throne where is the wooden statue of Infant Jesus, usually covered with a Red Royal Robe.

In the vault stands a large oval of the Marigliani depicting an angel holding the monogram shield of Jesus. On the presbytery there are two stained glass windows depicting St. Ann with Little Maria (on the left) and Holy Family with St. Ann and John the Baptist (on the right); these are the work of Balmet.

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