The Hill and the Tower of the Saracens

On the left side of the Sanctuary rises a green hillside with an asphalt road that, with its bends, runs through it entirely. This space, which is our property, is often a reflection motive for realizing a natural and religious path that goes to further strengthen the entire monumental complex. At the moment all this remains a project, but as soon as the times and resources are favorable, everything will be realized.

At the moment the hill still offers the possibility of a beautiful walk with the possibility of seeing first of all the Tower of the Saracens, the only surviving ancient monument in Arenzano, witnessing the active business of this hamlet of the Republic of Genoa, which was often subjected to barbarian incursions and Saracens. If you continue the walk you will pass by a beautiful cave with the image of Our Lady and finally you come to an ancient house with a beautiful nineteenth-century tower.

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