The missionary exhibition

At the Shrine you can learn about the Missions of the Carmelite Friars’ in the “Heart of Africa“, the Central African Republic. 

History: In the missionary corridor, the history of the mission begun in 1971. A selection of photographs of the artist shows the colors of the Central African people. 

For children: Kids find a nice character on a special mission. It’s called ‘Fra  Carmel’ and with the colorful cartoon language, shows what’s happening in Africa.

In the garden also can be visited even in winter, there is a small “missionary zoo” with animals carved by hand in the wood. 

Products: You can buy the renowned Essence of Lavender of the Friars and Crafts. Handmade pieces that are more than an object: moments of life, hours of patience, days of hope! The proceeds are entirely devolved to the Missions of the Friars in Central Africa. 

Working days: Every day 9. 00 / 12 and 14.30/18.00. Sundays and Festivals: 9. 00 / 13.00 and 14.30 / 18.00


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